Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Loaves and the Superbowl

The Feb. 7th recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie is White Loaves starting on page 81 of Baking with Julia (see http://someonekitchen.blogspot.com/ for the full recipe or refer to the cookbook).

To learn more about Tuesdays with Dorie and links to the blogs of my fellow bakers:http://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/

White Loves is a hurry-up-and-wait recipe, which the multi-tasker in me LOVES. No guilt for ignoring the laundry and other housework while I putter about in the kitchen because I can do both! The only day I was going to be home long enough (with my husband around to assist with babycare) was Superbowl Sunday. Luckily I don’t care a bit for football, but I love having a block of uninterrupted hours in the kitchen.

I was able to indulge in the ultimate of new mom luxuries (ie a nap) during the afternoon, so I didn’t start on the bread until a half hour before kickoff.

I started mixing the ingredients during the pre-game activities. Right after the national anthem, the mixer went on. I was impressed with how my well-loved Kitchen Aid handled the dough (see the Tuesdays with Dorie website for other mixers that didn’t fare as well) although I was surprised at how warm it was when mixing was done and I had to call my husband away from the game to remove my mixing bowl from the mixer base. This is a serious bread.

Before the first rise

After the first rise

During the first and second rises, I did all kinds of necessary tasks like:

cooked dinner, breastfed the baby, ate dinner, felt guilty the baby was watching so much football, cleaned the kitchen, breastfed again, put the baby to bed, peeked on facebook, previewed the next recipe (which looks much more complicated)

My rolled out dough

My lovely rolled-up dough
(the directions initially seemed daunting, but was much easier that expected)

Bread came out of the oven during the 4th quarter, with
just over 7 minutes to go.

The finished product! Look at how pretty it is inside!

Mmm homemade bread with homemade jam.
This made me very happy when I ate it.

Next is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets, on pages 382-383. Tune in February 21st!


  1. Yum! If only the Pats had won. ;-) Nice bread!

  2. Great looking loaves! Homemade jam - now that is outdoing a lot of us! :)

  3. Your bread looks great! How old is your baby? I have a four month old kitchen companion. He sits in the kitchen while I bake and he gets a vocab lesson ("this is a ramekin"). I'm hoping he enjoys making food with me in the future ;)

    1. I have a three month old. She is quite entertained by Mommy dancing in the kitchen and Daddy lifting her up so she can watch all the cooking steps. I will have to try the vocab! :)

  4. Perfect Superbowl bread! Sounds like you have the multi-tasking down to a science.